Roots of the geometry

Topic: Construction of a right angle with a cordArea: MathematicsAbstract: Behind every human discovery, there was always the need to solve a problem he had to confront. That is why he had to deal with the measurement of the land, the correct construction of boundaries in the estates, the vertical construction of the yards and […]

Electric current – motion of electrons

Abstract:Students first move erratically in an imaginary line and then move in one direction, representing the oriented motion of energy-carrying electrons to light a light bulb. Learning objectives:   Get to know the students 1. What is electricity? 2. What energy does the electric current carry? 3. What does this energy turn into? Teachers’ profile: […]

Invisible light waves: remote control and detection

Topic: Waves and its propagation and reflection.Area:  Science ,Technology , Mathematics Abstract: With this learning proposal students will deepen their understanding of the concept of waves as physical phenomena that transports energy or information.  They will learn, with examples of daily life,  about how technology uses some properties of electromagnetic waves, such as the photo-electric […]

Get to know the bits and the bytes

Topic: Binary system, ASCII Code Abstract: The stimulus is a painting of two images in black and white of the famous painter Pablo Picasso. Then they used paper to draw the black colour. They learn about the binary numeral system in computers, and the ASCII Code. Then they formed with themselves a series of 8 […]

Structures DaVinci. The power of Triangles

Title of the learning proposal: Structures DaVinci_The Power of TrianglesTopic: Structures, Geometry Figures, AcrosportArea: Engineering, Mathematics Abstract : This learning proposal is based on an in-depth study of what structures are and how they can be built from geometric figures, all inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci. To do this, they will experiment […]

Creating tessellations. Getting to know Escher

Topic: Mosaics, Tessellations, Geometric figuresArea: Technology, Mathematics Abstract: This proposal aims to work on tessellations through the work of the mathematical artist M. C. Escher. With it we will propose learning and exploring the possibilities offered by geometric figures to create singular, unique and very eye-catching works of art, as well as learning about their […]

Measuring the world and scaling it

Topic:The special scales in Nature Abstract:  The aim of this activity is to make students aware of the scales and spatial hierarchies in nature and of the magnitudes represented by the different units of measurement. It is also intended that they practice and gain agility in the calculation of proportions in the representation of large […]

Be water my friend: states of matter

Topic: The states of the matter Abstract: This learning proposal aims for students to understand the three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas: what this has to do with matter composed by particles (atoms and molecules) with electric bounds and movement. It also relates energy with heat and the transformation of this in particle […]

We represent the Pythagorean theorem

Topic: Pythagoras TheoremArea: Technology,  Mathematics Abstract:This learning proposal aims to consolidate the learning of Pythagoras’ theorem through the creation of a theatrical performance by the students in a cooperative way. In addition, each theatrical performance will be recorded in a video, and this will be used by the whole class to evaluate in which performance the […]

A yearly journey through the four seasons

Topic:   Physics of the seasons, Earth-Sun relationship, Rotation, Translation,Natural cycles according to the hemispheres,Time zones Area: Science Abstract:This learning proposal aims for students to learn in a deep and meaningful way the natural phenomena due to which facts occur that are very integrated in our daily lives such as the passing of the hours, day […]

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