Geometric flat shapes

Geometric flat shapes

Area: Mathematics

Abstract: On the occasion of a well-known painting by Kandinsky, his biography and works are presented. Of particular importance is the interpretation of colors and shapes, with the corresponding sounds they have.

Learning objectives:
Geometric shapes – Construction

•                     Triangles
•                     Squares
•                     Rectangle
•                     Rhombuses
•                     Circles
•                     Semicircles

Teachers’ profile: (team transversality) Mathematician

Advisable age of students: (Flexible according to the curriculum of specific country) HIGH SCHOOL A΄, Β΄, C΄ CLASS

Previous knowledge: Geometric flat shapes

Global development
Total duration:
4 hours

Materials: Cansoncolored cardboard


                    pair of scissors




Phase 1                Duration:2 hours    Visualisation: Well-known  Kandinsky  paintings


1) biography of Kandinsky
2) Presentation of his most famous works and their interpretation
3) We “listened” to the music of colours and shapes

Phase 2            Duration:2 hours   Artistic action and experimentation


1)Representation of similar paintings by Kandinsky by the students, in 3D.
2) Construction of students’ works by groups of 4 people with cardboard.
3) Representation of various geometric shapes on the computer, with the help of a suitable program, and “listening” to their music.

Phase 3:         Duration: 20’                       Reflexion and debate


After screening Kandisky’s videos, we discussed the music of its pieces of art we listened to the sound of his shapes and colours. The students seemed enthusiastic with the link between art and geometry. They were more eager and motivated to participate in the class’s tasks and to produce many constructions that resemble Kandisky’s shapes. They worked a lot task for these constructions as a teamwork (rectangles, circles, squares etc. all combined as a united piece of art)

Comments, possible derivations, and prolongations of the proposal: Properties of shapes. The students were excited by matching the shapes and colors with specific sounds.

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Geometric flat shapes
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