Roots of the geometry


Topic: Construction of a right angle with a cord
Area: Mathematics
Abstract: Behind every human discovery, there was always the need to solve a problem he had to confront. That is why he had to deal with the measurement of the land, the correct construction of boundaries in the estates, the vertical construction of the yards and the walls and the invention of the right angle

Learning objectives:
Students should understand:
1) what was the necessity of the creation of the science of Geometry, 2) the etymology of the word,  3) the first Geometers,
4) the construction of the right triangle with “Arpedoni”

Teachers’ profile: (team transversality) Mathematician

Advisable age of students: (Flexible according to the curriculum of specific country) A’, B’, C’ High School

Previous knowledge: Basic concepts of Geometry(Geometric shapes)

Global development  Total duration: 2 hours

Materials: cord 1.0-1.5m marker

Phase 1                     Duration:1 hour           Visualisation

Pictures from:
1) Fields next to the Nile river
2) Tombstones from tombs of Egypt, depicting the Geometers of that time, the “Arpenaptes”

Phase 2       Duration: 1 hour         Artistic action and experimentation

Development: Construction of a rectangular triangle with a rope, the “Arpedoni”

Comments, possible derivations, and prolongations of the proposal: The students were impressed by the unusual and practical way of constructing the right angle

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Roots of the geometry
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