Mobilizing Expertise; an efficient Swedish SME for Nordic, European and International Projects within the school education. Our main 5 working areas are; Providing training for the teachers, creating educational tools, mobilizing staff to professionalism, project management, promoting entrepreneurship among children and students. Our team consists of 5 experts with a diverse background who has been worked in private and public sector. Our Profile We have several training packages which have been created through our international projects. These trainings are combining online courses, study visits and pragmatic knowledge. We are creating non-formal, alternative and easy to use educational tools for youth workers, educators, teachers and staff. Hosting students and teachers as KA1 mobility and delivering strategic partnership with schools are main activities. We have three common approach to promote tools for teachers to deal with students. One is based on multiple intelligence theory of Howard Gardner. We believe that students have huge variety of learning based on their talent and gift. We have used Creative drama in several projects to stimulate these intelligences among students. Therefore, we believe Non formal education which we use such as creative drama, film making, e-learning platform, gamification is key tool to support teachers to work with students, especially disadvantaged students. Another approach is based on resilience theory of Antonovsky. What we do in our project with schools and teachers and students we focus on three key aspects; Understandability, Manageability and Meaningfulness. Our experience with the work with schools are goal of our project spreads all the way from teachers to students. Especially students are highly motivated to understand, manage their tasks which make them feel meaningful what they do. Last approach is based on intercultural learning. We don’t base the interculturality with ethnicity. We believe each child no matter where they come from has unique culture where they create their personality. Students are intercultural and this environment should be protected. Based on these three approaches we have delivered projects targeted to teachers who work with students, talented students and disadvantage students. – Creative Learning was one project where we supported local NGO and schools with creative drama within the lesson plans. – Promoting Critical and creative thinking is one of our project where we provide tools for teachers from Umitkoy Anadolu Lisesi to trigger students critical and creative thinking and questioning. – Personalized/Individualized learning was a project to provide training for Lithuanian teachers to arrange their lesson plans according to their students personal need. – Sensitization training for the teachers: – Creating online platform for intercultural teachers. Our Values We value knowledge and people who have the knowledge. We believe these; people and knowledge, should mobilise and be easy to access. Whatever we do we want it to be; manageable, understandable and most importantly meaningful. Our mission We want to bring people, places, and projects together to create a sustainable future for a better Sweden, European and world.

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