A yearly journey through the four seasons

Topic:   Physics of the seasons, Earth-Sun relationship, Rotation, Translation,Natural cycles according to the hemispheres,Time zones Area: Science Abstract:This learning proposal aims for students to learn in a deep and meaningful way the natural phenomena due to which facts occur that are very integrated in our daily lives such as the passing of the hours, day […]

Get to know the bits and the bytes

Topic: Binary system, ASCII Code Abstract: The stimulus is a painting of two images in black and white of the famous painter Pablo Picasso. Then they used paper to draw the black colour. They learn about the binary numeral system in computers, and the ASCII Code.Then they formed with themselves a series of 8 bits […]

Let’s make a film

Topic: Audiovisual Education Abstract: using as a stimulus the movie “Bread and Alley” by the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, the students come in terms with the cinematic techniques. The students will be encouraged to critically analyze the film. The students will create a short film in orderto tell their own story, while at the same […]

Calculation of  the π Length of the cycle

Abstract:   Video with the Olympic cycles at the closing ceremony of the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo. On the occasion of the video we found some circular objects of daily use and each student will find and measure one of them and record his measurements. There will be a discussion and they will discover […]

First degree equations with an unknown

Abstract: video presentation (for balance) discussion Scales for visualizing the properties of equality. (Student action). Presentation of properties with mathematical symbols on the blackboard. Equation Solution (Students Action) Learning objectives: Students learn to solve first degree equations Advisable age of students: (Flexible according to the curriculum of specific country)  13 Previous knowledge: use of variables, […]

Cycle measurement

MATHEMATICS Abstract: On the occasion of the screening of a video about the ancient theater of Epidaurus, reference is made to the concept of the inscribed angle. Students then discover the properties of the inscribed corners in the circles of the football and basketball courts located in the school yard. Learning objectives: Students to learn: […]

Atomic structure

Abstract: Students learn about the atomic structure and the subatomic particles through dancing.Learning objectives: The subatomic particles: protons, electrons, and neutrons and their structure. Atomic number (Z) and mass number (A).Previous knowledge: Atomic theory, Chemical elements, Chemical compounds Total duration: 45 min Materials: pc, projector, coloured papers PHASE 1    VisualisationDuration:12 min Firstly students watch […]

BUOYANCY-upward force on an immersed body

Materials The chairs of the classroom.Brooms and mops any kind of sticks about a meter long.A painting with a boat at the sea(We propose the Eugene Delacroix painting Christ Asleep during the Tempest–1853).A big glass pot/container with water.A simple small ball. Stage 1- The painting as the first step. The teacher shows a painting on […]

THE LEVER and its effect on white swans.

MATERIALS A 1-meter rod for a leverAn item for a fulcrumA painting with a bird that flies or wants to flyWe chose «Τhe Τhreatened Swan» by the Dutch painter Jan Asselijn (1650)An image or video from Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines and especially the Ornithopter ( Stage 1- The painting as the first step The […]


Geology – Geological phenomena The following case studies can be done by the teacher with the participation of some students.They may however be done by the children divided into groups of 3-4 with the guidance of the teacher. The materials used are common in every home and very cheap. So the teacher with the appropriate preparation could ask the class to bring them with them to the next […]

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