First degree equations with an unknown


  • video presentation (for balance) discussion
  • Scales for visualizing the properties of equality. (Student action).
  • Presentation of properties with mathematical symbols on the blackboard.
  • Equation Solution (Students Action)

Learning objectives:

Students learn to solve first degree equations

Advisable age of students:

(Flexible according to the curriculum of specific country)  13

Previous knowledge:

  • use of variables,
  • distributive property,

operations with algebraic representations

Materials:scales, balls, wooden toys in the shape of a cube, and parallelepiped, finger paints

PHASE A   (10 min)

Video, discussion and student participation in relation to balance for understanding equality.

PHASE B (35 min)

Playing with the scales to balance each stage by adapting the various objects appropriately

PHASE   C  (45min)

Conclusions and discussion with students to understand the sequential steps in solving the equation

Comments, possible derivations, and prolongations of the proposal:

Each lesson plan can have more phases and each phase can be divided in further sub-phases in order to reach the learning objectives

References and links:

First degree equations with an unknown

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