Let’s make a film

Topic: Audiovisual Education

Abstract: using as a stimulus the movie “Bread and Alley” by the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, the students come in terms with the cinematic techniques.

The students will be encouraged to critically analyze the film.

The students will create a short film in orderto tell their own story, while at the same time they will get acquainted with the use of camera, shooting angles, sound effects etc.

Learning objectives:

  •  Acquire critical thinking by analysing the filmUnderstand the technical elements of the filmCreate a short film to tell a story (use of camera, shooting angles, sound effects).
  • Acquire skills for editing a film by the use of software.

Teachers’ profile: (team transversality)Computer Scientist

Advisable age of students: 13+ (Flexible according to the curriculum of specific country)

Materials: Camera, paper for the storyboard

Phase 1   10 min   Visualisation

Screening of the film “Bread and Alley” by the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostam.

Phase 2    2 teaching hours     Artistic action and experimentation

Creation of the students’ own film.

Firstly, they use a storyboard to capture their story (main characters, place, theme).

Then they use the camera and the techniques they learned to shoot their own short film.

Last, they use a software for making movies in order to edit their film and to select the music.

Phase 3:    80’ min     Reflexion and debate

The students discuss the characters, the place and the main theme of the film. They try to classify the film into a genre (comedy, drama documentary etc).

Discussion of:

  • Camera and shot corners
  • Camera movement
  • Time duration
  • Distance between characters
  • Selection of sound
  • Use of software to make movies

Comments, possible derivations, and prolongations of the proposal:
the short film can be used as a stimulus for the students to create a presentation of the director and his films.

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Let’s make a film

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