Cycle measurement


Abstract: On the occasion of the screening of a video about the ancient theater of Epidaurus, reference is made to the concept of the inscribed angle. Students then discover the properties of the inscribed corners in the circles of the football and basketball courts located in the school yard.

Learning objectives: Students to learn: the concept of the inscribed angle in a circlethe relation of inscribed and corresponding focal angle,the relation of inscribed angle and corresponding arc,the relationship of inscribed angles going in the same arc,

the measure of the inscribed angle ending in a semicircle


string, paper tape, tape measure, protractors, rulers, cardboard, markers.


Students will watch videos on “the ancient theater of Epidaurus”. There will be a discussion about its shape and the positions of the spectators and the visibility of the scene, so that the table becomes a figure for the introduction of the concept of the inscribed angle.


Students go out into the schoolyard and are led to the two rounds of basketball and soccer courts. They are divided into two groups and with the twine they create an inscribed angle and a concentric angular same arc that is given to them. The measurement is made and the results are recorded on the cardboards. The same procedure is repeated for the inscribed angles in the same arc as for the inscribed angles in a semicircle.


Taking the results of the measurements we lead to conclusions in the classroom.

1. Each center angle is found to be half of the corresponding center angle.
2. The inscribed angles that go in the same arc are the same.
3. The inscribed angles that go into a semicircle are right.

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Cycle measurement

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