What exactly is Critical thinking

Critical thinking in its essence requires you to be an independent thinker, to be able to reflect and question the world around you. Furthermore, asks of you to be an active learner who does not absorb information passively. This means knowing how to reach a conclusion after taking in and processing data. A reasonable conclusion. Being a critical thinker means not accepting at once what is channeled to the masses.

Critical thinkers base their process on a system. Identification, analysis, problem-solving that is not based upon instinct or intuition.  Even though they believe that all facts or problems are part of a bigger picture and if needed, will seek for additional information.

From Greek Philosophers to Fake News: another very important aspect of Critical thinking is the ability to think rationally, clearly understanding how ideas connect and what information they want to convey to you. Plato and Socrates have questioned and debated upon this very matter, not to make easy assumptions. So, if we want to see it in the modern age, we could translate it as the ability to recognize and not digest fake news.

Be a Critical thinker, seek and you shall find whether an idea or a finding represents the entire truth.

What exactly is Critical thinking
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