How Art enhance Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking vs Creativity. If being logical opposes to breaking the rules and following instincts could we assume it will serve as a hindrance to the creative mind ? The artistic process is complicated, it requires detailed and close observation to discover  multiple layers of meanings. Educators in the Art field require students to be as observative as possible. To examine the world more closely in order to rediscover layers of colors, meanings and details, invisible to the common eye. This process of close observation makes students analyze the world around them and this is the fundamental skill of being a critical thinker. Following this, it works vice-versa. The process of the Creative mind includes the ability to question, evaluate and develop artistic/creative ideas. Both Artists and Critical Thinkers have  a mind beyond the obvious and know no boundaries. An artist needs to critically evaluate oneself so as to improve even via roads less taken. So, Critical Thinking in Art is an absolute requirement.

Education experts who’ve examined why there’s a link between art experience and improved critical thinking cite a number of factors at play

How Art enhance Critical Thinking

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