2. The benefits of placing A between E & M

The introduction of ART to STEM courses has been developed much in recent years. It is a way that students are not passive recipients of knowledge, but act and participate in a creative manner. For the 21st century education and the requirements in the economy and work, this is necessary. And indeed the voices that require more creativity and greater art intervention in courses are thickening and promoting concrete proposals in this direction.

And while progress in Scientific courses of Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics proceeds with jumping, processes that will put more creativity in education progress slowly and rather … reluctant.

However, it has been convinced that the introduction of A to SΤΕΜ’s initials or if you want art and art practices in the scientific fields of all kinds, it is necessary to pass the knowledge to the next more advanced stage and to decisively enter criticism, research, innovation, and creativity in the educational process.

What we will earn from a creative steAm lesson

To transcend and convert a traditionally taught lesson into a creative research one is exciting because it entrains many functions that go beyond the boundaries of each lesson. Mutual cooperation and understanding functions, for example as well as dialogue, drafting of arguments, and the building of an organized argumentative position, contribute to the socialization of children and their extroversion. The matter goes further as it has been observed that through the creative process that Steam offers you, problems such as racism discrimination are down to zero, and feelings of friendship, mutual respect to all kinds of diversity develop. In these multicultural societies we are living in, these results are very important.

In few words:

♦  Promotes problem-solving
♦  Developing critical thinking and reasoning
♦  It inspires  creativity and innovation
♦  It encourages adaptive thinking and flexibility
♦  It provides collaboration and communication

2. The benefits of placing A between E & M
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