1. Introduction

Discussion with an Objector

Excuse me, we have the education, we know what education is. Now you mention STEAM education. WHAT  IS THIS?

STEAM education is an alternative approach to education that encourages students to pose questions and ask for creative solutions to real-world problems.

STEAM also is a different approach to learning and teaching in 4 particular sectors of knowledge: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths.

Why do we need STEAM?

Because we want to guide students in critical thinking, dialogue, research, collaboration and communication in the classroom, and opinion interchange. Because the world of the 21st century needs more innovators, leaders.

The time when during school years, the teachers prepared the students so that they will go out in real life and find a good job, is over. Children deserve an education that is more than just a good position in the job market and teachers deserve more than just being trainers for such a process. Both students and teachers can be more creative and inspiring.

We are at a key point where the environments of knowledge, learning, and education must change radically. Like our world that is also changing at a dizzying pace. Ideas, innovations, have long developed a dynamic that cannot be chained to the walls of a building called a “school”. Doors and windows need to be opened so that these ideas can circulate, ferment and discuss with each other to change our world and make it better.

The Pink Floyd lyrics that we all know and sang softly must now be put into practice.

We don’t need thought control.
We really have to make another brick in the wall

1. Introduction
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