The transition from STEM to STEAM, in the field of education, is fascinating as long as we understand the basic principles and characteristics of art, both in their conception and in their application.

The principle on which this study and these proposals are based on, is the poetic principle that really innovative and inspiring scientific research in its original form, is art.

The true scientist makes extensive use of his imagination and inspiration to be able to enter fields that have not been explored and are, therefore, completely unknown. Thus, in order to explore these new fields, he makes assumptions which contain the word IF, which is the beginning of everything in art. More precisely, IF is, without a doubt, the driving force that activates the imagination.

At this point we should note that imagination in science has its own means of operating. Thus, it is combined with reason, so that the scientist can reach a conclusion that will or will not be proven by the scientific experiment. For example, we cannot assume that the scientists of previous centuries could have grasped the wavy form of sound signals, the existence of electrons moving around a nucleus or the black holes of space without the generous starting point of the imagination.

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