Interpretation of the function of the cup of Pythagoras

Topic: Atmospheric pressure
Area: Science

Abstract : Atmospheric pressure was taught in the classroom and then the students went to the clay workshop to make the Pythagorean cup. This was followed by a teaching in the laboratory room and a demonstration in a transparent mug of how it works.

Learning objectives: Atmospheric pressure – Hydrostatic pressure

Teachers’ profile: (team transversality): Physicist

Advisable age of students: (Flexible according to the curriculum of specific country) 14 years old

Previous knowledge: The knowledge of pressure

Global development      Total duration: 3 hours

Materials: clay

Phase 1               Duration: 10 min          Visualisation

Development: Display of images of the mug of Pythagoras.

Phase 2       Duration: 90’                Artistic action and experimentation

Development: Construction of the mug of Pythagoras. The mugs were made from clay by students in a pottery workshop.

Phase 3:Duration: 35’   Reflexion and debate

Development:  Class discussion about the results of the construction and operation of the cup. We analyzed the concept of pressure, the role of air and the role of water and the connection among them.

Interpretation of the function of the cup of Pythagoras
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