Water Filtration

Topic:Filtration the only way to save our planetArea: EngineeringAbstract:Inspired by the work of Hong Yi-Chen and Guo Yi-hui and Zeng Yu-di called “Pollution”, the students will discuss the importance of water filtration in our everyday lives. Each one will take responsibility for specific actions related the process of filtering water (two kinds of filters, water, two […]

Another world

This learning proposal was created by a team of the Institut Josep Brugulat  (Girona, Spain) secondary school teachers, and it’s shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Topic: Earth civilizations and life ecosystemsArea: Science, Technology, Engineering. Abstract: In cooperative groups of 3 or 4, students must research and elaborate a new planetary system like our […]


Area: MathematicsAbstract: To introduce the notion of “Coordinates”, two paintings by Van Gogh will be presented linking with the notion of maze and getting lost. Then, an enigma and a little story should be created by the teacher. Some students will reproduce the 2 axes of a graph wearing a number (ex: -4 or 3) […]

Water cycle

Topic: Water cycleArea:  ScienceAbstract: To introduce the notion of “water cycle”, one painting of Van Gogh will be presented linking it with the notion of precipitation, rain and sun. The students will reproduce the water cycle with the different available materials. The teacher will guide them and the students have to understand by themselves the […]

Wifi + Cyberbullying

Topic: Wifi + CyberbullyingArea:  TechnologyAbstract: To introduce the notion of “Wifi”, one painting by Michelangelo will be presented that will be linked to the notion of Wifi. Then, the students will understand the notion of waves and electric signals. In addition, we use this lesson to raise awareness about cyberbullying Learning objectives:-Students will be able […]

States of Matter

Topic: States of Matter Area:  Science Abstract:  To introduce the notion of “States of Matter”, one painting by John Constable will be presented linking with the notion of representation of different matter in daily lives. Then, they will understand the notion of physical properties in these different matters. Learning objectives: Students will be able to […]

Nervous System

Topic: Nervous SystemArea: Science Abstract: With this lesson, the students will understand the connection between an electric movement in the brain to a movement with their body.Learning objectives:– The student will demonstrate that the nervous system is responsible for communication between different body parts, detecting stimuli in the body, and directing the body’s responses.– The […]


Topic: Fractions Abstract: To introduce the notion of “Fractions”, one painting by “Niki Katikl” will be presented linking with the notion of fractions. Then, the students will create a pizza which will represent the denominator in a fraction. Then, they will play to find some fractions and find that a lot of fractions can be […]

Plugged!: Electrical current

Topic: Electrical current Abstract: The aim of this learning proposal is for students to understand the phenomenon ofelectricity and how it has become an essential type of energy in our daily lives. Specifically, they will study electric current, Ohm’s Law and how current intensity varies in series circuits and parallel circuits of resistors. We will […]

Tree of Life

Topic: The process of photosynthesis; how plants work; anatomy of a treeArea: ScienceAbstract: At the centre of EXPO 2015 international fair, there was a contemporary gigantic sculpture called “The Tree of Life”, which every hour was performing lights shows designed by 3D artists focused on the EXPO 2015 main topic “Feeding the Planet, Energy for […]

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