Calculation of  the π Length of the cycle

Video with the Olympic cycles at the closing ceremony of the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo. On the occasion of the video we found some circular objects of daily use and each student will find and measure one of them and record his measurements. There will be a discussion and they will discover the number π as well as the length of the circle.

Learning objectives:  

  • Calculation of the number pi.
  • Discussion of the various stages of the calculation over time of the number pi.
  • Calculation of the length of the circle

Advisable age of students: (Flexible according to the curriculum of specific country)    14 years old

Previous knowledge: Comparable sums
Materials:  bicycle, exercise wreath, round table,CD,  coins, paper tape, tape measure.

PHASE A (15 min)

Video for a few minutes with the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics and the creation of the Olympic cycles. Discussion.

Drawing on the board and explaining the basic concepts, radius, diameter, arc, string

PHASE B (30 min)

We have selected circular objects, eg bicycles, exercise wreath, coins, etc.

Students are divided into groups of 2 people and they are asked to measure the length of the circle and the corresponding diameter, recording the resultsas well as the quotients of the divisions circle length to diameter.

PHASE C (45min)

A table with the previous measurements is made and each group records its results. It is discovered that the quotient of the length of the circle for its diameter is constant, and we lead to the number pi. A discussion of the number pi follows and then the length of the circle is calculated.

References and links:

Calculation of  the π Length of the cycle

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