The teacher

The painting gives the possibility to the teacher to approach various scientific topics. We will refer to two of the most obvious ones.

1. What could have happened and the central figure utters this scream?

(One, could give a lot of different answers: Something in his environment or inside him, something universal or something individual that is happening or appearing in front of him, etc.).

If the teacher wants to look into the history of the painting he will find that it was created on the occasion of the eruption of a volcano whose materials and gases, spread disaster and horror to people. This horror makes the central figure get this extreme expression that we discern in his eyes, in his screaming mouth, in the position of his hands, and in the posture of his body.

2. But there is, also, the rest of the painting beyond the central figure/theme:

The red, fiery colors and the special style of the artist (expressionism) used to create the sky and the atmosphere, is not far from the natural phenomenon called atmospheric optics. This is a phenomenon that concerns the creation of polar stratospheric clouds that are generated after the eruption of volcanoes and become visible at dusk and dawn.

Thus, it is up to the teacher to define the central theme and focus on it to perform the STEAM lesson.

So, what should he do?

The teacher
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