Miming data transmission

Topic: Understanding how the Internet of Things (IoT) works
Area: Engineering
Abstract: The so-called ‘’smart objects’’ at the heart of the Internet of Things are not only computers, smartphones, and tablets, but also the objects that surround students in their homes, at school, in cities…The students through mime, they will be able to understand how an easy and effective data transmission takes place among the devices that are parts of their daily lives.

Learning objectives: Stress the non-verbal communicational skills in order to understand the ‘’communication’’ among electronic devices.

Advisable age of students: 11 – 16  
Previous knowledge: The exercise is targeted

Total duration: 10 min 
Materials: This is a free-body exercise

Phase 1        Visualisation

Development: Starting from the powerful figure of Charlie Chaplin, students will be led to the art of mime an artistic action of theatrical performance without words. A very important form of non-verbal expression.

Phase 2         Artistic action and experimentation

Development: The students form a row, all facing the same direction (left or right). The last one in the row has to think of an easy or complex movement, call the student in front of him/her and mime it. The movement represents the ”data” that will have to be passed on to the first in line. The students have to be more precise as possible, trying to reproduce the movement.

Phase 3:        Reflexion and debate

Development: It is an important exercise, also versatile that give to the students the possibility to express using the non-verbal communication and to focused on the others.

Miming data transmission
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