The STEAM procedure, the A between E & M, why do we recommend it.

What did we gain from such a trip?

We have faith in the various benefits of such a procedure and more precisely in its benefits in different fields and areas of the development of children and especially adolescents, which is even more important.

This procedure affects various areas necessary for the integrated development of the young person. Firstly, learning becomes knowledge. Moreover, experience and the role of the school goes beyond specialization and training and it becomes adequate and capable of offering true education and in-depth cultivation.

A. We visualized the learning process and applied experiences in the process of transferring knowledge from the teacher to the students.

While in the traditional way of teaching we communicate with the students using terms, names and physical laws which are not used in everyday life, but, only “met” during school lessons, with the STEAM process and with the help of art, we “experienced” the physical laws and we “saw” them before us.

B. Whereas previously the teacher brought into the classroom his personal energy and authority while the students only brought their attention and passive acceptance, now we have a lively team that discusses, judges, comments, measures and evaluates factors, builds arguments and reaches conclusions.

C. The teacher does not transfer to the classroom the “sterile” scientific reasoning, definitions and rules, but makes a lesson rich in references and images. With the mediation of art, the horizons of the lesson are widened and the students, leaving the classroom, have enriched their experiences and have experiences from the vast and rich space of art.

The STEAM procedure, the A between E & M, why do we recommend it.
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