Alternative teaching methods

An arts integration education sets out to help students understand real-world application of science through the arts.

By integrating art into science, students understand the inter-relatedness of everything they learn. This method of teaching and learning also promotes creativity and collaboration.

And all of this leads to scientific literacy.
So what’s scientific literacy?
It’s the understanding of the impact science has on anything and everything from history to philosophy, physical education to geography… even the arts. 
And it applies to everyone, no matter where or how they live or what language they speak. That means that gaining scientific literacy is highly advantageous for young people preparing to go into the world. Especially a world that puts such emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Effective Ways to Learn Science through Art

Science and art are not all that different. They both require inquiry and questioning while emphasizing the importance of exploring, discovering, critical thinking, and even inventing.

So it makes sense that art can be used to teach science. We’ll look at a few ways teachers are doing this.

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Alternative teaching methods
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