1st level of approach-Our beginning

The beginning of the lesson and the starting point should be, mainly, the artistic event we have chosen, for example, a painting, an installation, a collage with simple materials, a theatrical or kinesiological action/dance. The teacher presents e.g. the painting and talks about it. His speech should allow students to discuss and participate, with their own questions and comments. If e.g. in a biology/anthropology class we choose Rembrandt’s ” Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp” then the teacher can and should refer to details in the painting, such as the expressions of the students attending. He can, also, afterward ask the classroom what do they believe that Dr. Tulp is showing at his students depicted in the painting. Based on the painting, the professor may end up talking about the anatomy of the arm. This can easily lead the lesson to the description of the nervous system of the human body for example.

1st level of approach-Our beginning

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